I think I found it!

My Christmas spirit that is! It was simple things really. Yesterday I think I put about 200 miles on my minivan. Seriously. So many trips back and forth to both of the boys’ schools. One had cross country, one had tutoring, one needed money dropped off so they could go to the basketball game, one […]

December Denial

It is not December. It cannot be. I am not prepared in any way, shape, or form for it to be December. Christmas shopping? Bah! I don’t even have a list started yet! Project deadlines? Somehow I’m doing ok on those, but I did hire an army of sample knitters. This whole short holiday season […]

Lost Days


Well I didn’t make it the month blogging. But life goes on. Actually life rushes on with all its fun madness. Well some fun. Actually Trunk or Treat was a roaring a success and a ton of fun! But before and after that has been a lot of sickness in the house. Which hasn’t been […]

Almost Wordless Again.


It was the playoffs for our school’s basketball team, so the boys and I went to cheer. Our guys lost, but it was good for us to go. We had a good time, and a fun dinner out with friends. Other than that, it’s been one of those days. I mean honestly, how many Mondays […]

Nearly Wordless Tuesday?


I had great intentions to post a tutorial on the crochet loop bind-off, but the day got away from me! So tomorrow  I will do Tutorial Wednesday. I know, know, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it will be a good tute! So today I will post a picture that makes me […]

Run mama run!

Too. Much. Running. Around. Started this morning by reporting to church at 8am for Parish Beautification Day. Little dude and I left at 9 to go to his football game. Came back, finished feeding the hungry workers, and then high-tailed it home to clean up. Saw a sort of unsatisfactory zombie parade, had an amazing […]

Photo Friday


These are things I thought worthy of iPhone pics in the last week. Kind of weird to be cataloging my life this way, but I guess this is how it’s done now. Reporting for Disney at 5:30 – my oldest son there of course. Mickey sprinkles! My group that I helped chaperone! Neat gate detail […]

Undereye Luggage

Yesterday was a very good day. Despite the fact that I didn’t get to chaperone my own kids, I got to spend the day with a wonderful family, and three other neat kids. It was kind of cool seeing Disney through younger girls’ eyes. I’m so used to the jaded teenage boy perspective! See those […]

No, I appreciate you!


One of my favorite things to do, especially when a Friday is acting like a Monday, is to look at my user activity on Ravelry. It’s this sweet little place where I can see what how folks on Ravelry interact with my patterns. I get to see queues and favorites and the things I love […]

Wednesday Work Day

It’s 10:37 AM. I’ve accomplished a few things, but not nearly the volume of work I had hoped to get done. Just now I’ve finished printing off the chart for the final edging for this lovely fall shawl. I think I’ve got all the increases and decreases paired just so, but when you heavily modify […]