Fly Formats


I am pretty sure I am too old to say fly. Even though the Fly Girls were a thing on Living Color when I was young. But I refuse to say fleek, so I’m running short on options that spring to mind. My next resort will be to hit up the site that lists adjectives […]

Knit.Purl Fall-Winter


It’s another installment of OPP – Other People’s Patterns. No, that will never get old for me. I’m sorry. Well not really sorry because I’m giggling like a 12 year old. So anyhow… Yesterday I showed you my Quick Wind Pullover from the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Knit.Purl. Today I’m showing you three of the […]

Quick Wind Pullover


Many moons ago I submitted a design to Interweave Knits. They said thanks, but no thanks. Hey, it happens. If you think you’re gonna get into this business called knit design and everyone will always want your stuff… hahahahahaha …you are wrong. But on the bright side they wanted it for an upcoming issue of […]

Fab Formats


Look I found another f word! This is going to end badly, isn’t it? Today’s format friday post is going to be a fast one because I’m crazed. I got the boys back to school but now I have to catch up with all the work that got away from me when I was shoe […]

Office Space

File Aug 04, 9 19 40 AM

As a knit designer, I work from “home”. Why is home in air quotes? Well because I pretty much work wherever I can. Yesterday I swatched a new lace pattern in the minivan while waiting for the boys to get out of a football meeting. And tonight while they are at Scouts I will be […]

Style Sheets

Are you a knit designer? What’s your style sheet look like? Do you say row or do you say Row? What’s your preferred abbreviation for a centered double decrease on the knit side? How do you write out all the wonderfully complicated instructions for shaping a sleeve cap? These are the questions people. And it helps […]

Fancy Formats

File Aug 07, 9 53 42 AM

Just to let y’all know I am gonna very quickly run out of f-words to describe my updated formats. Last week was fresh – this week is fancy… and off the top of my head I can’t even think of a third. Oh well! This week’s offerings are three of the fabulous (ooh an f-word […]

Fresh Formats


It’s Friday! And actually right on schedule I’m releasing the second batch of freshly formatted PicnicKnits patterns. Today we have three patterns – all available for half price this entire weekend to celebrate their new fancy formats! No coupon code needed – just buy ’em on Ravelry and the $3 price will come up automatically! […]

Do ALL the things!

File Jul 29, 9 36 54 AM

I’m in crazy mode around here. My list of things to do is massive and for some reason (quite possibly insanity) I keep adding things to it! There are so many things I want to branch out and do that if I think about it too much I just want to take a nap. Can […]

Tech Editing


If you are a knitting designer self publishing patterns you need a tech editor! But wait you say, I use test knitters to catch all my errors, why do I need tech editing? Today over on the Stitch Sprouts blog in my Tips 4 Designers column I talk about the differences between test knitting and […]