Giftalong Feets


The 2015 Gift-A-Long is going strong. Today I’m going to showcase my single sock pattern that is on sale and share with you some of my other favorites in the feets category! Ardelis is a swirling sock pattern that comes in a mirrored pair. Worked up in Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock in Summer Harvest – […]

Modern Lopi

Modern Lopi designs by Lars Rains

I spent the evening with Modern Lopi: One the other night, drooling over the patterns, and drinking in every word that Lars Rains wrote. You need to know that this is very out of character for me. I’m a skimmer. I focus on what catches my eye – what as a designer makes me stop and […]

Gift-A-Long 2015


What is the Gift-A-Long? The Gift-A-Long is like a package of awesomeness wrapped up in yarn and all the good things. The first part starts tonight – it’s a 25% sale off of thousands of patterns. Seriously. There are over 300 designers participating and each of them is offering 25% off of 5-20 of their […]

The Ambrelle Shrug


It’s new pattern time! This one is the Ambrelle Shrug, one of those lovely knitted things that the muggle would never guess is so simple. How simple is it? It’s a rectangle – with ribbing at both ends, and then you seam it up according to instructions to make a perfect comfy, cozy shrug. Ambrelle […]

Knit Companion Shop!


Are you a KnitCompanion fan? If you don’t know, KnitCompanion is a nifty app that does all sorts of magic to knitting patterns. It helps you keep track of charts, has all kinds of highlighting features, and it evens helps you track those pesky “at the same time” directions. It’s good stuff! They have set […]