The sixth time


Sometimes I wonder why I take on these projects, and I worry that I will run out of ideas and shapes and things that are different enough, yet still beautiful. But so far, so good. The 6th Sonnet is nearly done and should debut December 1st, right on time. The yarn from Tempted is a […]

On the go


Today I worked in many places. I worked at the Chrysler dealership while they changed my oil and plugged the holes from 2 count ’em 2 nails that were embedded in one of my tires. I worked while I waited in line to vote. I worked while I waited for after school sports to finish. […]



One of the things that I love about the Seven Sonnets project is that I get to work with some really amazing dyers. And when Sarah of Stitches ‘N Rows said she wanted to do red for this project I was really excited. I love this red! Well to be honest I just love red. […]