Working Girl


I’ve been rearranging my life a bit to accommodate my business. I’m trying to work on pre-planning meals more, and I’ve given up some volunteer commitments so I can do more work. Yesterday as I was knitting on this beauty while watching soccer tryouts a dad there said, “Oh are you making a Christmas present?” […]



I’m a yarn snob. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with so many amazing yarns as a designer that you would think I would be hard to impress, but no. I love yarn so much, and the fact that I get to play with all these delicious (and frequently hand-dyed) yarns is one of the […]

Tutorial Tuesday: Chart Reading

As of late I have stopped including written instructions in my patterns that are better suited to charts. This is for quite a few reasons but here are the main ones: space and errata. Written instructions take up too much space. A charted pattern will average 4-6 pages long for one of my shawlettes. A […]

Five by Five


I have no idea what five by five means. I just know that Eliza Dushku was a badass as Faith on Buffy and that whenever I think of the number five that’s what comes to mind. I am a product of pop culture – what can I say? The fifth sonnet is in progress and […]



I am in love. With a yarn. It is just so freaking delicious. And you know what the sad part is? I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even get to knit this baby. I had to hire a sample knitter. So she got to work with all the silky, wooly, baby camel goodness. Baby […]